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These New York Counties Have an Increase In Violent Crimes

Crime has been an ongoing issue for many areas of the country with firearm assaults and violent crimes being among the most commonly reported. Other acts of violence such as spousal abuse, domestic violence, and hate crime attacks are also on the rise. Home and auto break-ins have also increased, with more reports of windshield breaks having been reported. Damages to home and auto glass can include surface, combination, and star breaks. All of which get reported in official police documentation. With so much data, and specific data at that, available about the rate of crime and the types of crime being committed, it is a natural thing to wonder what areas of the country have seen the greatest rise in crime over the last few years.

Understanding Crime by the Numbers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released sobering statistics about crime in the US over the last few years. According to the report, homicides were up 30%, violent crime in general increased nearly 6% nationwide, and the rate of violent crimes per 100,000 Americans in 2019 was 380.8 and in 2020 the rate was 398.5. This sobering snapshot shows a trend that has been shown in major cities in states all over the nation, New York included. Here is what the breakdown looks like:

New York Crime Report Breakdown

In Buffalo, a local police department spokesperson had confirmed that there were already 36 homicides reported early on in 2021. These include both firearms-involved cases and general violent crime cases. Intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and family-centric crimes account for as much as 15% of all violent crimes in the country each year.

In Rochester, as many as 22 homicides had been confirmed in 2021 also early into the year, with the final number reaching the 80s. In addition to this sobering fact, as many as six of these victims were aged 23 and under. Prescription opioid drug use and other illegal drug use have been on the rise, contributing to violent crimes and overdoses, which have increased threefold in three years.

In Albany, the county’s rate of violent crimes went from 45.8 in 2019 to 78.4 in 2020. The estimated rate for firearm-related assaults and crimes increased from 49.8 to a staggering 73.6 last year. With growing concern over gun violence and reports of hate crimes on the rise, the concern over violent crimes and gun assaults continues to be a major concern for many areas of New York.

Nine homicides had already been recorded early in Syracuse, New York. Out of those, five of the victims were reported to have been 21 and under with as many as three of the suspects being 16 or younger. Violent crimes committed by and against minors and young adults are also on the rise in the state as well as nationwide.

In Jefferson County, the violent crime rate jumped from 221.6 in 2019 to 256.4 in 2020. The same trend held true with the rate of firearm assaults, which increased from 1,638 last year. Increasing along with these rates is the concern over more and more youth getting caught up in violent crimes of various sorts.

And finally, St. Lawrence County saw violent crimes rise from 98.1 to 127.6. In the same county, firearm crimes were a little less substantial with an increase of 7.5 in 2019 to 11.3 in 2020. This is of little consolation though as violent crimes, in general, remain a highly reported problem for the area as a whole.

Final Thoughts About Violent Crimes in New York

Crime will likely be something society will always have to deal with. But the staggering and disturbing rate at which some crimes are increasing, particularly violent crimes, firearm-related crimes, and violence involving minors, it is little wonder many places are scrambling to address the issue. New York has its work cut out for it as the trends show and only time will tell what these rates will look like in the years to come.