Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Timothy Kirkland, a.k.a. DJ Big Boy, Combines Entertainment and Community Activism

By Katrina Weston


kirklandTimothy Kirkland, a.k.a. DJ Big Boy, is not just a DJ who brings entertainment to the local clubs and bars of Syracuse; he is an entrepreneur, motivator, and community leader.

Most of all, he has become a voice that’s created a safe haven for kids in the community.

Kirkland was born and raised on the south side of Syracuse, and graduated from Henniger High School in 2002. He went on to further his education at Utica College, where he founded an organization called Brothers On New Direction (BOND).

“Bond is an all-male organization, open to all races, providing leadership, entertainment, and mentoring skills to the community,” Kirkland, president of BOND, stated.

According to Kirkland, in April, the organization was presented with an award for being one of the longest-running organizations on any college campus.

And, in addition to creating BOND, Kirkland said he also works as a football coach at Henniger.

He’s currently also been involved with Henniger’s youth program, called Henniger the Family (HTF), which is now in its second year at the school.

The senior students in the program mentor freshmen who may be having a rough time, “whether it’s academically or behaviorally,” Kirkland stated.

In addition, along with a few other community members, like local fire fighter Tamica “chach” Barnett, Kirkland’s recently begun to host social events for youth. According to Kirkland, the events have included cookouts, parties, and stop-the-violence events in the community.

The gatherings have also featured activities such as talent shows, poetry contests, and talent searches.

Recently, Barnett and Kirkland joined forces to hold a Halloween event at the East Fayette Boys and Girls Club, for kids to enjoy a safe Halloween.

Kirkland said about 300 extremely happy kids participated in the event.

The duo used donations from the community to pay for the event, and also paid for some of the expenses out-of-pocket.

Kirkland also owns a company called “Bringing Others the Opportunity to Market,” or B.O.O.M for short, which he said he used as a vehicle to provide music for the event.

“BOOM was created for the children,” he stated. “We do events for kids, such as high school parties, and, we have done about 200 of them, over time. We have not had one fight, or disturbance, and these are children from every school district, together in the same room. BOOM also does mentoring, as well as promoting, and marketing, for small businesses, and local artists.”

Kirkland said he also provides adult entertainment during the evenings, at local bars and nightclubs in the area.

And, as DJ Big Boy, he’s been requested frequently to perform at several area night clubs.

Fortunately, Kirkland loves what he does.

“Everything I do comes from a good place,” he stated. “It’s meant to affect people in a positive way, and it’s brought to the people, whether young old, with a positive vibe. The only negative light that I disapprove of, is when a DJ is hired to play music for someone’s event, and, say two people who don’t care for each other happen to cross paths, and a fight breaks out among those two people. That fight automatically becomes a negative mark against the DJ at the event. We are hired to DJ at the event. Our job is to play music, and keep people dancing. We have nothing to do with who crosses paths with whom, or who decides to distribute negative behaviors. We are hired to perform a service, to the best of our ability, and that is what we do. There really are more positive things than negative, and we need to talk about those as well.”

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