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Tips for Staying Mentally and Physically Healthy This Holiday


The holiday season is a stressful one for anyone who celebrates a special occasion like Christmas or Chanukah. It can be hard to get everything you need to celebrate the holiday, purchase gifts for everyone on your list, and deal with your visiting friends and family. If you’re concerned with how you’ll preserve your mental and physical health during a trying and busy time, here are some tips you can follow this holiday season.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

One way to make sure you keep healthy and don’t eat too many sweets is to fill up on healthy alternatives. By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, you’ll help keep your energy level high naturally, without turning to added sweeteners, sugars, and caffeine as many people do. Fruits and vegetables also help you feel full and naturally satisfy the cravings you might feel for sugar as there are plenty of natural sugars in these items.

Indulge in Moderation

Many people believe that the key to keeping your health and weight under control is simple moderation. Trying to avoid tempting items like alcoholic drinks and fatty foods altogether at Christmas parties and New Year celebrations can be too hard, leading you to fail in keeping your efforts on track and feel bad about yourself. Instead, allow yourself to indulge in a small number of rich foods and drink, so you can enjoy some festivities. No matter how much you choose to indulge, remember the legal limit for drivers in Connecticut is 0.08% alcohol by volume, and keep this in mind as you drink. Be sure to plan for a designated driver or take an Uber if you have more than one or two drinks.

Try New Versions of Stress Relief

Times have changed, and the stigma surrounding the use of marijuana has faded. This means more people today are using marijuana to relieve stress or address other issues like anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and insomnia. In Connecticut, cannabis currently ranks as the state’s third best-selling product, only outsold by lobsters and potatoes. Users of cannabis range in age and socioeconomic status as more people learn about the potential uses of the product.

Keep Your Healthy Habits Up

In the month of December, many people get overwhelmed and stop keeping up with the good habits they have in place. Unfortunately, this is right when those good habits are the most necessary. Things like going to the gym three times a week or more, drinking plenty of water, and getting some quiet time for meditation or reflection are habits that you should strive to keep up as the holidays near. Even if you can’t get to work out as often or only manage to meditate a few days each week, doing these things will still help you stay healthy.

Don’t Attribute all Your Excess Weight Gain to the Holidays

If you do put on some weight over the holidays but have trouble taking it off, make sure your hormones are in proper balance before you do anything else. Hormones are a major factor in weight fluctuations. Issues like PCOS or other reproductive issues in women can cause weight gain and make losing weight extremely difficult. Men can find that andropause, which is the equivalent of male menopause, can lead to weight gain. If you are finding it harder than ever to stay at the weight you’d like to be, visit your doctor to see if there is another reason besides holiday eating for the weight gain.

By staying aware of what you’re consuming and how you spend your time, you can get through the holiday season feeling healthy and happy.