Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Top 5 New York Home Improvements for the Summer

If you’re a New York homeowner and are wondering what home improvements you can make in the summer, it’s important to know the best ones. Here are five that will be worth your while and that you will enjoy making for a long time to come.

1. Upgrading the Bathroom

As a homeowner, you can recoup at least 66% of the amount you spend on a bathroom remodel when you sell your house, according to Remodeler Magazine. This is enough to inspire any homeowner to give their home’s bathrooms a remodel. From adding the storage space to getting new and more efficient appliances, there are endless things you can do to upgrade your home’s bathrooms. This will leave you with a more functional and valuable home this summer, something your whole family will appreciate.

2. Landscaping

When your home’s landscape looks good, you have better curb appeal. In the summer, there will likely be many people coming over to visit you and they will be sure to notice the results of your hard work. Prune the trees and shrubs, ensuring that none grow too close to the house as an aesthetic measure that will also improve your home’s security. You could also add more livable space outdoors to get a place to enjoy the summer weather. From a few choice pieces of furniture to a brand new deck, there are endless options at your disposal.

3. Remodeling the Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is another home improvement project that will improve your home’s value as well as your family’s comfort. With modern appliances, you not only have the chance to save energy, but you will also live a more sustainable life. Many people realize the benefits of a kitchen upgrade, given the fact that the top three most common home renovation projects as of 2018 included remodeling the master bathroom, guest bathroom, and kitchen. Look online for some ideas that you can take advantage of and give your kitchen a brand new look. Consider building an outdoor kitchen as well, as this will give you ample opportunities to enjoy cookouts and outdoor activities without having to crank the AC up.

4. Painting the Walls Afresh

If it’s been a while since you repainted your home’s walls, this summer is the time to do it. Because of the temperatures and low humidity in the air, you will find that the paint dries up pretty fast. Either get some friends and family together and DIY this project or call in a local painter. Just make sure to stick to neutral colors which you will enjoy having for a longer time than bold, statement colors. If you want a bright color, you could pick a single wall or a specific place to paint it and have it be an accent. This will be a lot easier to redo if you get tired of the color or decide to sell your home.

5. Maintaining Your Appliances

Finally, remember that well-maintained appliances function more optimally and give you some amazing energy savings. They also last for a longer time without undergoing breakdowns that are costly to work on. If maintained well, an HVAC system will last for anywhere from 10 to 15 years. This should motivate you to call in an expert and have them service your home’s appliances on a regular basis. If the maintenance is easy enough to do right by yourself, this is also an option that you could take. When you do this, you will enjoy all seasons, and not just the summer!

Try these five home improvements this summer and you will enjoy your home in New York a lot more, as will your family!