Thursday 8 December 2022
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TSA Prepares for Syracuse’s Busy Travel Season, Offers Travelers Tips

By Lisa Dumas –


syrairThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) projects 243 million passengers and crew will come through security checkpoints nationwide, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, during the summer travel season.

At Syracuse-Hancock International Airport, TSA typically sees approximately 3,200 passengers per day; however, during the busiest summer travel days this year, about 10 percent more are expected to be screened with peak days exceeding 3,500 passengers, officials said.

As a result, TSA’s top travel tip is for passengers to arrive at the airport 90 minutes to two hours before a scheduled flight.

”Some of the busiest days of the summer are expected to be the days leading up to and immediately after major holidays such as July 4th and Labor Day, but most summer days will seem like holiday time with the increase in passengers expected throughout the summer,” TSA upstate New York federal security director Bart Johnson stated. “As a result, the checkpoints at Syracuse are fully-staffed for the busy summer travel season.”

“We ask that travelers come prepared to go through the security screening process, and to listen to the guidance that the TSA officers are providing as passengers enter the checkpoint,” he added. “The terror threat is real. We know that to a terrorist who wants to do harm, targeting airports and airlines is their gold standard. We need to stay ahead of that threat, and our TSA officers will be very focused on the security of our travelers. Our goal is to get you to your destination safely, and home safely, which is why we have our security protocols in place.”

Last summer, TSA officials screened more than 239 million passengers and crew during the summer travel period nationally, including four of the top 10 busiest days in the agency’s history.

According to Johnson, it’s also likely some travel days this year may also break into the top 10 list.

Here are a few additional tips from TSA to help travelers keep wait times to a minimum:

– Always check personal belongings/carry-ons for prohibited items before going to the airport.

– Arrive to the airport two hours prior to scheduled departure time if flying domestically; three hours for international flights.

– Listen carefully for TSA officer instructions on how to prepare for screening inside the TSA security checkpoint.

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