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Uber: Report Says Company Would Bring 700 Jobs to Syracuse

By Staff



Uber has released a report projecting its ridesharing model would create more than 700 new jobs in Syracuse, should the company be allowed to expand into Upstate New York, officials from the organization stated.

The ride-booking company cannot currently operate outside New York City, and Uber officials have recently requested changes to state laws which would allow them to expand into upstate markets, including Syracuse.

“In cities and towns where Uber operates, the platform has the ability to create jobs, and improve existing transportation networks,” Josh Mohrer, general manager of Uber NY, stated. “We believe that Uber can have a significant economic impact on Syracuse, not only by adding more than 700 jobs in just one year, but by attracting new investments, and businesses, by enhancing the current transportation system.”

Officials said the report also found Uber would create 13,000 jobs across the state, in its first year, and, in addition, more than 5,000 people in Syracuse have already opened the app, looking for a ride, each month.

The report’s additional findings include:

  • Syracuse riders would complete more than 60,000 trips each month during Syracuse’s peak season.
  • There are more than 20,000 low-income families in Syracuse that do not own cars.
  • More students from Syracuse University will choose to request a safe, reliable ride with Uber at times when they may have otherwise gotten behind the wheel, right around last call during late nights.
  • More than 350,000 New Yorkers outside of New York City have already downloaded the Uber app.

Mayor Stephanie Miner also recently joined the “NY Needs Uber” coalition, in addition to mayors from Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany, in support of bringing Uber to Upstate New York.

“Businesses need transportation to thrive,” Miner stated. “I am hopeful that we will soon be able to welcome Uber to Syracuse because, not only will it help spur economic growth through job creation, and increased access to our local businesses for residents, but it will also help make Syracuse a safer, and more accessible city for everyone. Whether it’s the grandmother who needs help getting to a doctor’s appointment, the workers who need a reliable and affordable way to get to their jobs, or the college student who needs a safe ride home after a night out with friends, Uber has a lot to offer our great city, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have.”

The Committee for Taxi Safety, a downstate taxi group, recently spoke out against Uber moving into upstate New York, and other groups in opposition to the company’s expansion have said it may actually cause the area to lose jobs.

The state legislature is expected to review the matter in 2016.

Uber’s full Syracuse Economic Impact Report, and its full, statewide economic report, are available at http://petition.uber.org/ny/uber-driving-syracuse-jobs/ and http://petition.uber.org/ny/u.