Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Democrats and Republicans Question Mayor’s Scheduled Appearance at Upcoming GOP Event

By Staff


Mayor Miner state of thecity

Mayor Stephanie Miner

In what some have called a curious move by Mayor Stephanie Miner, the Democratic mayor has accepted an invitation to be the featured speaker at the Onondaga Conservative Party’s legislative breakfast on March 26.

A Democratic political insider from Syracuse questioned whether the move would be politically correct, considering the fact that the Conservative Party has continued to support discriminatory practices against minorities, including “stop-and-frisk.”

“The Conservative Party platform calls for racial profiling, and stop and frisk,” the insider stated. “Is there some level of racism that is acceptable to Mayor Miner, as long as it furthers her personal vendettas? Many people will be watching and listening. If she fails to address the racism in the Conservative Party, then her silence will be deafening.”

Inside the Republican Party, according to a news story by the New York Daily News, a Republican operative derisively asked “whether the liberal Miner is going to the Conservative Party breakfast to ‘endorse Trump? (Ted) Cruz?’”

The GOP insider also speculated Miner must obviously have accepted the invitation in order to use it as an opportunity to attack Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The mayor has publicly criticized Cuomo in recent years, over what she’s deemed as insufficient assistance from the state to fix Syracuse’s failing infrastructure. And, most recently, she’s also sparred with Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, a close friend to the governor, over county tax breaks for inner harbor developer COR Development Co.

COR has also previously been a large donor to the governor’s campaign.

The company has also donated to Miner’s campaign; however, her relationship with the company went south after she opposed a deal the developer had with Onondaga county to build a $500 million stadium.

Democrats have also criticized Miner for accepting the GOP’s invitation, especially since she’s previously called the Republican Party a “party of hatred,” and they’ve accused the mayor of failing to condemn Senate Deputy GOP Majority Leader, and Syracuse native, John DeFrancisco for his opposition to the state’s push for a $15 minimum wage.

As recently as Monday, DeFrancisco disputed a claim by New York Post columnist Fredric Dicker that Senate Republicans have planned to back the wage increase as long as the governor would help them hold onto the majority in the Senate.

“I seriously doubt it,” DeFrancisco commented.

However, Miner has reportedly said the only reason she’s accepted the Republicans’ invitation has been to continue the conversation concerning issues where both parties have continued to disagree.

“The way to make sure you have constructive dialogue is to engage, and talk to people and listen,” Miner stated. “It’s important to have a dialogue, not a monologue.”

The  mayor also said, even though she supports the states push for a $15 minimum wage, and has also recently raised the wage for city employees, she sees no benefit in criticizing DeFrancisco over the matter.

“I’m not going to engage in personal attacks because other people want me to do that,” she stated.

However, according to the Daily News, some Democrats, as well as Republicans, have said the mayor, who will leave office once she becomes term-limited in 2017, has continued to find herself in an increasingly tough position, and is continuing to isolate herself from both parties.

Visit to view the 2016 legislative priorities of New York state’s Conservative Party.

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