Saturday 10 December 2022
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Who Will Work to Earn the Black Vote?

Op/Ed By Julianne Malveaux


Julianne_%20Malveaux( – Michelle Alexander, the brilliant author of The New Jim Crow, writes in The Nation – that Hilary Clinton does not “deserve” the Black vote. She makes a strong case.  She reminds us that the Bill Clinton administration yielded a draconian crime bill and welfare deform (I call it deform instead of reform because the Clinton changes made a bad system worse) that demonized poor women.  While Bill and Hilary Clinton are two different people, Alexander uses Hilary quotes to illustrate the ways she supported her husband’s policies.

Michelle Alexander is right to say that Hilary does not deserve the black vote.  She declines to endorse Bernie Sanders, though, describing him as “the lesser of two evils”.  To his credit, says Alexander, Sanders opposed welfare deform and has been a far more vocal and aggressive critic of banks than Hilary. But Alexander says he still doesn’t get “it” around issues of racial justice, and notes that both he and Hillary supported the Iraq war.

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