Wednesday 30 November 2022
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With Love Restaurant Reopens in Syracuse With Exciting New Menu

with loveStudies show that 69% of millennials are motivated to travel out of a desire to eat local foods, but the lucky residents of Syracuse need not travel far to get a taste of the Congo, the Philippines, or the American South.

The popular restaurant With Love is reopening in Syracuse and plans on showcasing a brand new menu.

To start the year, With Love plans on offering soul food and Lowcountry cuisine. These new changes mark the third time to restaurant changed its menu — and that’s not out of the ordinary.

With Love isn’t offering new kinds of meals and frequently changing its menu due to lack of interest and patronage, but is doing so because of its innovative business model.

Syracuse’s North Side restaurant plans on completely revitalizing its menu every six months. Though the cuisines for January to June (2018) will remain as Lowcountry and soul food, with cooking influences from Filipino and Congolese recipes, the restaurant could go in a completely different direction in six months.

Venus Likulumbi, a Syracuse native and creator of the mixed menu, is drawing from her father’s and step father’s influences. Likulumbi grew up eating mixes of African and soul food/Lowcountry meals including everything from fried lumpia to turkey necks and greens. Her stepfather was from Savannah, a prime location for Lowcountry cooking, and her father was from Africa.

“It’s the cuisine of making dinner,” Likulumbi added. “You see what you have, or what’s in the back yard, and build on what you’ve learned from others you cook with.”

Restaurant-goers who attend With Love over the next few months will be able to enjoy large dishes filled with Filipino egg rolls (lumpia), black-eyed peas and greens, some candied yams, and a tasty few pieces of cornbread.

With Love is open for lunches on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and serves dinner on Thursdays and Fridays. Additionally, no alcohol is served because the restaurant uses its space for culinary teachings through Onondaga Community College.

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