Saturday 26 November 2022
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Yellow Lamborghini Driver Faces Fines After Crashing Into Fire Hydrant, Leaving the Scene

PoliceAccording to the Democrat and Chronicle, 34-year-old Devin Trubunella drove off the road and hit a fire hydrant near East Avenue and Argyle Street. After striking the hydrant, police say Trubunella left the scene on foot. The car sustained significant damage and required a flatbed truck to come in for its removal.

The impact of the crash was so big that the surrounding area became completely flooded. City workers had to be called in late at night to fix the problem. Crews were still working on the scene many hours after the incident occurred.

Trubunella was issued a citation by police for leaving the scene of the crash with property damage. He faces a fine of up to $250 in addition to the violation. If he chooses to contest, he will need to appear at the Rochester Traffic Violations Agency on May 25. Attorney James D. Doyle is representing Trubunella in this case. He spoke with the Democrat and Chronicle regarding his client’s feelings about everything.

“He’s endeavored over the last couple of days to do the right thing,” Doyle said Tuesday afternoon. “He wanted to come forward and to accept responsibility.”

Doyle says he’s not really sure why this incident of a simple fender-bender has taken on such public interest. “Nationally, about 350 people have died of drug overdoses while this story has been at the top of the local news. I don’t get the disproportionate level of interest in this case.”

Americans spend an average of 87 minutes per day in their cars. Yet, most wouldn’t dare leave a $200,000 sports car in shambles by the side of the road.

Along with the fine associated with the violation, 13WHAM News says Trubunella has another bill to pay. The City of Rochester plans to charge him for the fire hydrant repairs, too.